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Your Complete Guide to Bitcoin Poker

Thanks to the growing popularity of digital currencies, sites where you can enjoy your favourite game using Bitcoin appear every day. Our experts have analyzed many of these sites to provide readers with fresh and helpful information. In this guide, you will learn everything about Bitcoin poker, bonuses and tournaments and get detailed instructions on choosing the best place to play poker online.

Choosing Bitcoin Poker Site in a Few Simple Steps

Before making a deposit, you should make sure that the selected operator is reliable and has all the permissions for gambling activities. We have already given you detailed instructions on choosing a reliable online casino. So be sure to check it.

You should pay attention to other criteria since all casino sites offer different terms of cooperation and hold different promotions and tournaments. To choose the best Bitcoin poker site, make sure that:

Also, make sure in advance that the site provides the ability to make deposits and withdrawals using the digital currency that is convenient for you. Therefore, the best poker sites accept over 50 different coins as payment.

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Bonuses for Bitcoin Poker Fans

Choosing a crypto casino for spending free time, the players can be sure that they will receive the same bonuses as on a traditional gambling site. Below we have described the most popular types of rewards for poker tournament fans.

Bonus for Your First Deposit

This type of bonus can be received by all gamblers without exception, and not just poker players. Everything is simple here: make a deposit and get a generous percentage of the amount credited into the account. Ideal for those who are just getting acquainted with the site. So the player can test the gambling site, available games and casino services for bonus money.

No Deposit Bonus

Everything is clear with the first deposit bonus. Now let us move on to the type of reward the player gets from the casino without even depositing money into their account. Here the reward amount is lower than in the previous bonus. However, this will be enough to play a few rounds of Texas Hold'em.

Freerolls for High Stakes

Most operators hold poker tournaments. To take part in such entertainment, the punter needs to make a buy-in. So freerolls are one of the easiest ways to avoid this. In addition, this type of bonus allows gamblers to take part in poker games with big bets. As a rule, freerolls are given out only to new visitors to the Bitcoin poker sites.

Reload Reward for Regular Customers

Players who make more than one deposit receive this type of bonus. This is how casinos try to encourage loyal customers. Reload bonuses, like welcome ones, can contain free spins, as well as rewards for making a subsequent deposit.

About Poker Tournaments on Crypto Casino Sites

The high cost of Bitcoin and other digital currencies allows operators to provide players with more opportunities to play online poker. It also contributes to lower fees for crypto transactions. All this has a positive effect on tournaments. Everyone can be sure they will have the same level of fun and adrenaline in a Bitcoin tournament as in any other tournament.

For true poker lovers, crypto platforms have prepared tournaments for the most popular types of poker:

Crypto poker provides more options than any other type of game. As a rule, Bitcoin tournaments are held in the Sit-n-Go format. Additionally, a participant can play at one or several tables at the same time.

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Enjoy Bitcoin Poker on Mobile Devices

The best operators that provide the opportunity to play poker using Bitcoins, Litecoins and other digital currencies also offer mobile versions of sites and applications. Thus, everyone can enjoy playing poker on the way home, in transport or on a break. To immerse yourself in the world of poker, all you need to do is download the app on your smartphone or open the mobile version of the site.

Usually, the player gets access to all the casino functions, both from a desktop computer and from any portable device. So if you have already played online games on the full site version, try to access the platform from your smartphone.

How to Start Playing Bitcoin Poker: Detailed Instructions

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the entire process of creating an account on a crypto casino poker site. Since online casinos using crypto are a little different from traditional gambling sites, let us look at each step in detail.

Register on the Crypto Exchange

Before you start playing for virtual coins, you need to find a place to store them. Therefore, first, register on any of the crypto exchanges available in your region. Here you will need documents confirming your identity. The registration process on the exchange does not take much time.

Step 1

Buy Digital Coins

You need to wait a bit to complete the registration process and confirm the creation of an account. Once this happens, you can start buying Bitcoins or any other coins that are available for storage on the exchange of your choice. It is also quite simple. To acquire virtual coins, you need to use any bank card. Today, you can buy crypto anywhere: at a special exchange office, on an exchange, etc.

Step 2

Secure Your Storage

Many crypto exchanges offer their own wallets for storing digital coins. However, it is worth thinking about additional security. Today, a range of crypto wallets available to Bitcoin enthusiasts includes desktop, online, paper, hardware and mobile versions. The most popular is the online wallet.

Step 3

Transfer Crypto to Your Wallet

Virtual storage has the same function as a regular or physical wallet – the safety of your coins. You need to transfer the necessary amount to your wallet at this stage. This is easy to do by copying and pasting the wallet address into a special form on the exchange. Do not forget about two-factor authentication to increase the security of your virtual coins.

Step 4

Register on the Bitcoin Poker Site

Cryptocurrency is in your account, and now it is time to create an account on the selected casino site. After spending just a couple of minutes, you can register and proceed to the next step.

Step 5

Deposit with Digital Coins

To access a range of games, including poker, you need to deposit funds into your online casino account. Since you have chosen a crypto casino to play poker, the funds are credited quickly, confidentially and are safe. Go to the special Deposit and withdrawal section in your personal account and select the desired digital currency as a way to pay for services.

Step 6


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about playing poker with Bitcoin.

What is the difference between Bitcoin poker and the standard version?
The rules of the game in Bitcoin and classic poker are the same. They may vary depending on the poker type, but the essence of the game remains the same. The main difference is that crypto poker bets are accepted in digital coins, not in currency.
Can I play Bitcoin poker on my mobile?
Yes. Bitcoin casinos offer players both desktop and mobile versions of games. Therefore, Bitcoin poker fans can play their favourite game whenever and wherever they want. At the same time, all the functions of desktop versions are available in mobile apps.
Where to get crypto to play Bitcoin poker?
Today, almost everyone can buy Bitcoin to play poker online. You can buy virtual coins through the exchange, for instance. After that, they are credited to your account in the crypto wallet. Then you can enjoy all the games available, including poker.
Can I deposit my casino account via mobile?
Of course. Almost every crypto casino offers both desktop and mobile versions. Both work flawlessly with all the features available. You can play Bitcoin poker, deposit and withdraw funds on any portable device running on Android, iOS and any other operating system.
Is it safe to play poker on Bitcoin casino sites?
Security is one of the key issues of interest to gamblers. In this sense, crypto casinos are the best choice since you do not need to share confidential financial data with the operator to play your favourite game. Instead, the information you will be asked to provide is your name and crypto wallet address.