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Best Crypto & Bitcoin Casino Sites Reviewed by ArcticNet

If you are looking for a site where you can play any casino games using cryptocurrency, you have come to the right place. Our experts have spent many hours researching all available online casinos for gamblers in Canada and doing their best to make the process of choosing the best site and games for a player easier.

A whole team of enthusiasts in the field of online casinos and crypto worked on the Best Crypto & Bitcoin Casino Sites Reviewed by ArcticNet guide. They look through and analyze online crypto operators on a daily basis, play available games, and rank casinos based on several key criteria.

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Recommended Criteria to Pick Crypto Casino

Thanks to the many years of experience of our gambling experts, we have developed an effective methodology for analyzing and choosing the best casino based on several key factors. Our experts register and play on the sites for some time, thus checking all the functions and promises of the operator. Below you will find a list of recommended criteria to consider if you are interested in a positive and safe experience.

Safe Crypto Casino Is Secure, Licensed and Fair

The anonymity of digital currency transactions is the main reason why many gamblers choose crypto casinos to play online. However, this does not mean that all casino sites that accept cryptocurrencies are 100% safe. The player can rely on sites licensed by the relevant authorities, including UKGC and MGA. Such operators offer customers high online gambling standards, personal data security, fair results and bonus wagering conditions.

Wide Range of Digital Currencies Accepted

A decent crypto casino should not only provide the opportunity to play online using digital currencies. It should be a site that accepts as many cryptocurrencies as possible. Even though many gamblers usually use the most popular digital assets and coins, the best casinos do not limit their visitors in their choice. The list of cryptos available for any financial transactions on such casino sites are regularly updated with new, popular coins.

Regular Bonus Offers and Promotions

It is no secret that many operators grab the attention of gamblers with attractive bonus programs and regular promotions. This method works. Players receive welcome bonuses to help them explore the world of gambling using bonus funds. However, it should be borne in mind that each casino has its own wagering conditions. We consider being the best only those online platforms that offer fair and easy-to-wager bonus conditions.

List of Restricted Countries Is Minimal

Gamblers not from all countries can enjoy playing on crypto casino sites, as many operators have some restrictions. Therefore, we recommend choosing operators that offer their services in as many countries as possible. Before registering, make sure that there are no restrictions in your country, including the payment and withdrawal methods offered, as well as the cryptocurrencies available.

Choosing the best Bitcoin casino is not always easy. Many operators disguise themselves with generous bonuses. Thus, novice players pursuing free spins end up on sites that refuse to withdraw funds and do not respond to customers’ requests. Not to get into a similar situation, it is important to approach the choice of a Bitcoin casino site responsibly. We understand that this is not an easy task for beginners, so we suggest that you use this Bitcoin casino Canada ranking to be on the safe side.

Dos and Don’ts of Crypto Gambling

Despite the undeniable advantage of crypto coins in high-speed transactions and the absence of restrictions, this method of deposits and payouts in online casinos also has some disadvantages.

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Crypto Casino Pros

All digital currencies are decentralized. What does it mean? These coins are not regulated by the government and banks. Control over your funds is entirely yours. No one can freeze your Bitcoin account. While enjoying the game in a crypto casino, the player transfers earned coins without third-party control.

Complete anonymity

All crypto transactions and wallet owner data are anonymous. Furthermore, many operators offer complete anonymity when creating personal accounts. Therefore, the punter can play their favourite gambling entertainment without disclosing any personal data.

Lower commissions

Any financial transactions involve the withdrawal of commission from the client. In online casinos, these commissions are usually not small. But when playing casino games in a crypto casino, a gambler pays significantly less when depositing and withdrawing funds from an account.

Transparency of all transactions

Given that the players have access to all data and statistics of financial transactions, they can always prove that the payment was made on time.

Worldwide popularity

Bitcoin enthusiasts are confident that cryptocurrencies will soon become an international payment method that is not controlled either by regulators or by governments. This makes digital currencies very popular among gamblers in every corner of the world.

Crypto Casino Cons
No feedback

Since no bodies regulate all crypto operations, in case of any problems, the player has no one to turn to for help. Nevertheless, advice on some issues can be provided by the support service of the wallet you use or the online casino you play in.

Transactions cannot be tracked

This is a plus and a minus of online operators accepting cryptocurrencies. If funds disappear from the account, it is practically impossible to trace them. It all depends on the reliability of wallets and other payment systems the site works with.

Operations cannot be cancelled

As soon as the player confirms the transaction, the funds are transferred from the wallet to the casino account. Therefore, it is impossible to cancel the operation and return the funds back. This is another reason to play only in licensed online crypto casinos.

Price volatility

Significant exchange rate fluctuations are one of the reasons why players prefer traditional casino sites. On the one hand, this can play into the hands of the gambler if, for example, the Bitcoin rate has grown. However, if it fell, as a result, the player withdraws the smaller amount.

Digital Currencies Used by Players

Bitcoin is the king of the world of virtual finance. The coin is so popular that many online operators limit themselves to only it as a payment method, making a huge mistake. Reputable online casinos provide a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from. The most popular today are:

Everyone’s Favourite Bitcoin

Bitcoin transactions do not occur in the fastest way, but there is no doubt about the highest level of security. This is why many gamblers have been loyal to this digital coin for years.

Bitcoin’s Younger Brother – Bitcoin Cash

This coin was created to cover all Bitcoin’s disadvantages, including the slow transaction speed. That is why Bitcoin Cash is now very popular among those online casino players who appreciate the ease of use and high speed of transactions.

Light Version of Bitcoin – Litecoin

Also known as an altcoin, Litecoin was created back in 2011. Although the digital coin has much in common with Bitcoin, there are some distinctive features of Litecoin. For example, the transaction speed is higher, and the price per coin is lower. At the same time, anonymity and data protection when buying and selling this coin are at the highest level. That is why it is quite a popular digital currency among Canadian players.

One of Bitcoin’s Main Rivals – Ethereum

This is one of the most popular cryptos among gamblers after Bitcoin. This is because Ethereum boasts faster payment processing speed and lower fees. That is why today Ethereum casino sites gain popularity.

Making Deposits and Payouts

The process of depositing funds into an account and withdrawing winnings in a crypto casino is faster than in standard online casinos. Each financial transaction is recorded in a publicly viewable register. That is why blockchain technology is so popular among Canadian online casinos.

Instructions for Depositing an Account

Before enjoying the latest and most popular releases, the player needs to acquire a special electronic wallet and digital currency. Then everything happens according to the standard scheme:

In your account, find the Deposits and withdrawals section.

  1. In the list of available coins, select the one you need.
  2. Next, enter the address of your crypto wallet in the corresponding field.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your account.
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Instructions for Withdrawing Winnings

Here everything is as simple as depositing. However, before withdrawing the winnings make sure that you have fulfilled all the conditions for wagering the bonus (if you received it). Next, do the following steps. For the winnings to be in your account:

  1. Go to Deposits and withdrawals in your account on the casino site.
  2. Enter the amount you need.
  3. Indicate to which address you need to transfer coins.

Please note that not all crypto casinos support the instant payout feature. Therefore, ask the support service reps in advance how long this process takes.

Crypto Wallets for Any Taste

Today, the choice of wallets for storing and conducting transactions with digital currencies is numerous. We recommend paying attention to the most reliable, so choose a product that offers two-factor authentication. This complicates the process of hacking your account at times. Our list of the most reliable and popular wallets includes:


Due to the high level of protection, it rightfully takes first place among the most reliable options for storing digital coins. In addition, buying and selling crypto with Coinbase is a breeze. The mobile app has the same features as the desktop version of the wallet.


The popularity of this crypto wallet is due to the simple verification process but, at the same time, a high level of security. When it comes to coin selection, Electrum is conservative. However, by entrusting your coins to this electronic friend, you can be sure of their safety.


This is an ideal option for players who spend most of their time in mobile casinos. Edge is a very versatile solution that guarantees players security, transparency and convenience. It successfully combines modern design and a variety of digital currencies to choose from, making it one of the best.

Games Available to Play at Crypto Casino Sites

Gambling entertainment online Bitcoin casinos offer is as varied as in traditional casinos. Online crypto operators offer their visitors to play in:

On casino sites that accept digital currencies, players also get access to games that cannot be found in traditional online operators, for example, some exclusive titles.

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin poker is an exclusive version of your favourite game based on blockchain technology. It opens up great opportunities for fans of the well-known card game and investors in cryptos. Thanks to anonymity and a high level of protection, playing Bitcoin poker becomes even safer and more comfortable.


In this part of the Best Crypto & Bitcoin Casino Sites Reviewed by ArcticNet guide, you can find out the most popular questions regarding crypto casino sites.

Do all online casinos accept digital coins as payment?
No. Many remain committed to fiat currencies. However, thanks to the popularity and growth of active users of cryptos, there are more and more Bitcoin casinos.
Are casinos that work with cryptocurrencies safe?
Yes, without a doubt. They can be called even safer than traditional casinos since the level of protection of transactions, and personal data of the user is very high. However, this applies only to licensed sites that adhere to all fair play rules and other international standards.
If I play in a crypto casino, will I pay taxes on winnings?
No. The gambler takes the entire amount won.
Is it safe to play poker on Bitcoin casino sites?
No. This process is similar to depositing an account in a regular online casino. The only difference is that you first need to register with an e-wallet and buy coins. Depositing money into your account using cryptocurrencies is quite simple.