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Expert’s Guide to Ethereum Casino Sites

This guide was created for those who need help choosing the best gambling platform. Since 2013, our experts have studied Ethereum casino sites and their benefits to players. During this time, we have managed to develop our own methodology for selecting the best online operators for those who are taking their first steps in gambling. Our guide is updated regularly to ensure readers always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Let us see what Ether is and what advantages this cryptocurrency has in gambling.

About Ethereum

Ethereum or Ether was first heard in 2015. This is a decentralized virtual coin created on the platform of the same name by Vitalik Buterin. Immediately after the launch, the coin became one of the largest in the cryptocurrency market. At first, about 72 million coins were available. Now, their number exceeds 120 million. Every year, miners create up to 20 million new Ether coins since this digital currency has no restrictions on their number in circulation.

Ethereum transactions are anonymous and take place in seconds. The price of a coin, like other assets, largely depends on the ratio of supply and demand. You can store Ether both in crypto wallets and on special equipment. The second way makes the virtual currency even more anonymous.

Ethereum Casino Sites

The high popularity of this cryptocurrency among gamblers all over the world has several explanations. The first one is anonymity, and the second is the lightning speed of transactions. Registration in an online casino accepting Ether as a payment method is fast and passes without any problems.

Given the popularity and high cost of Ethereum, online operators began to offer players entertainment that is available only to owners of this digital currency. Games in Ethereum casinos have a high RTP and other more advantageous features compared to traditional casino sites. In addition to other benefits, these casinos also offer customers higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

Positive and Negative Aspects of Ether Casino Sites

All even the most popular gambling sites have both pros and cons. Below, we listed a number of Ethereum casino sites’ strong points. As well, we named the factors that, in our opinion, are the weaknesses of this currency.


Ether: Where to Buy and Store

Although the market capitalization of Ethereum is almost half that of Bitcoin, it is the second-largest digital coin in the world. Therefore, you can find Ether on almost every crypto exchange.

There are several ways to become an Ether owner:

crypto coins on the roulette

Buy Coins on the Exchange

This is one of the most popular and easy ways to purchase virtual coins. There are many crypto exchanges today. One of the largest and most popular is Binance. If the player decides to purchase coins through the exchange, then they do not have to worry about their storage: virtual currencies will be stored on the exchange site. Access to your Ether coins can be obtained from any device, through a browser or a special mobile app.

To pay for cryptocurrency, you can use the following methods:

One of the main disadvantages of this method is that the player no longer remains anonymous. The thing is that when registering on the exchange, you need to present a document confirming your identity. Not everyone is ready to say goodbye to one of the main features of cryptocurrencies – anonymity.

Today, many exchanges also offer other ways to get digital coins. For example, purchase them from another Ether owner. In this case, you can pay in any way convenient for you.

Buying and Storing Ether Offline

This is possible with the help of special USB devices. They are designed to store cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, and are password protected. For those who want to maintain their anonymity and increase the security of storing coins, we recommend considering the Trezor service.

Ether coins can later be used to exchange for other virtual currencies, and to make payments, including in online casinos. With the help of crypto exchanges, these coins can be exchanged for traditional currencies, and the entire amount can be transferred to your bank card.

Ether Casino Sites: Limits and Commissions

Ease of use and low commissions are the main reasons why the popularity of crypto casinos today has grown significantly and continues to gain momentum.

Traditional casinos usually have certain restrictions regarding the maximum and minimum limits for depositing funds into an account and withdrawing winnings. For example, in many Canadian online casinos, to access games, a gambler needs to deposit at least $30 into their account. At the same time, they can withdraw no more than $5,000.

Those players who use Ethereum to pay for services in an online casino can replenish their accounts with a smaller amount. Visitors can withdraw up to $100,000 from a crypto casino account. This significant difference is one of the reasons why many players today are switching to cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin with notebook casino playing

Low Commissions

Another difference between Ethereum casino sites is that commissions for transactions are either absent or minimized. At the same time, you will have to pay at least 10% for withdrawing funds in a traditional casino.

Often casinos allow players to choose the amount of commission they are willing to pay for the service. That is if you want to speed up this procedure, pay more. If you are willing to wait, pay less. But even with the lowest fees, the payment processing speed in casinos accepting Ether is very high.


How to Start Playing at Ether Casino Sites

Now that you have an idea of ​​what Ethereum is and how casinos that accept this digital currency work, it is time to start playing on such gambling platforms.

Before signing up, you should purchase digital coins. As we said earlier, for this, you can use the services of a crypto exchange, for example, Coinbase. This is not only a place where you can buy but also where you can store Ether.

Having virtual currencies in your wallet or any other storage, you can safely go to the site in search of the best gambling entertainment. Using our guides, you can choose the best crypto casino in Canada that meets all your needs. After a simple registration, make a deposit, and after a few minutes, the entire collection of games opens for you.


Here we have answered the questions that users of Ether casino sites often ask.

How long are Ether transactions processed?
Any operations for crediting funds to the account, as well as withdrawing with Ether coins, as a rule, take up to 10 minutes.
Are there any restrictions in Ether casinos?
If the casino is available in your region, and there are no bans on cryptocurrencies, then you can safely play Ethereum casino games. However, before registering, be sure to check whether all casino features are available to residents of your country.